Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twelve Days (Or Less) To Go!

Just popping really quickly, instead of reading about St. Thomas Aquinas, because WOW! Boring!

I am taking "International Conflicts" and "Medieval Europe" this term. I am enjoying conflicts, although the textbook author is a bit, shall we say, Pompous? But the other students are great and we have had some very interesting discussions. I have ONE more discussion board post in that class and I am DONE!

"Medieval Europe"? NOT my favorite class ever. I just don't care. All sorts of Catholic... stuff. I mean really, it wasn't like the average joe had books written about him in the 3rd through 13th centuries, just the Kings and the Popes. I think it would be a decent class if I took it in a real classroom with real discussion with other students, but I am not. So... I am struggling! I have a paper due Sunday, 2 more discussion board posts AND the final.

I am so READY!

In other news, BabyBoy and I (with another friend) marched in Tallahassee on 28 April in the Unite Women March against the War on Women. There were some really great speakers there and BabyBoy came home with a better understanding of what we are facing. (Because he tunes me out when I try to talk to him. He knew there were issues but not how widespread they are!)

Two days before that I turned 45!

We had a lovely visit with DSD's daughter in mid-April and the precious grandson and I am hoping that they will be back in July.

And we have a 10 day vacation planned to California in June where we may or may not see the LittleMan graduate... another entire post!

But George Zimmerman was arrested (step 1) although I am not a lawyer (wish I played one on TV), I am not completely comfortable with the Murder 2 charge. I think manslaughter would almost guarantee a conviction. It will be quite a while, of course, before it comes to trial.

My garden is covered with weeds, but my parents' is producing and we are hoping to pickle some green beans over Memorial Day weekend (when I will be relaxing without worrrying about HOMEWORK!) and pick, shell, and freeze black-eyed peas!

I cannot comment on your lovely posts due to the fact that here at work I still have Internet Explorer 7. Sigh. But I will be around to see how everyone is!

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